Oh Irony…

“Irreducible Complexity Remains Unrefuted” 

The title to a blog I just saw… which had disabled comments so nobody could refute it.

The previous blog by the author was entitled “Christianity Is Not For Cowards…”

Comments also disabled.  How brave.

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7 Responses to Oh Irony…

  1. In my experience, few creationists are actually interested in debating the issue in an effort to arrive at the truth. Rather, they think they already know the truth, and everyone else should share their view without regard for the evidence. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all creationists, but is true of the vast majority I have talked to. Based on what you have written, it looks like my experience is not unique. 😉

  2. jeweliedeer says:

    i agree with your sarcastic statement here.

    unrelated, making it a goal to work on less one way lectures

  3. Jose Remor says:

    Disable comments is default on believer mind. No comments, no challenge.
    Remember, Pastors feed and lead, members swallow and follow.
    I’m curious about this site, can u share the link? I’ll probably have another idiot for my blog.

    • agnophilo says:

      I don’t remember which site it was. Fortunately these sites that don’t allow input usually get views in the single digits on social sites.

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