Nerd, atheist, politically independent (but I’d be considered liberal in the current political climate) and yeah that basically sums it up.  Nerd mostly.  Not a geek, that’s a whole other species.  Moved my blog here from xanga (agnophilo.xanga.com) when they threatened to close or go paysite.

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  1. Jewelie says:

    Stellar blog, amigo 🙂

  2. jgarrott says:

    Rather than “approve” your comments to my blog, I thought I’d make a few remarks to you directly. As far as my being a “religious non-expert,” I come from a highly educated family (all four grandparents were college graduates, which is pretty remarkable since they graduated in the late 19th Century) which includes a biochemist, a geneticist, and numerous university faculty. My point is not that I have all the answers, but rather that evolutionists certainly don’t. What I can say, with the Apostle Paul, is that I know whom I have believed, and that gives me peace and joy that are beyond anything my intellect (IQ 150+) ever could.

    • agnophilo says:

      So you apologize to me for leaving an uncontroversial comment on my site while censoring my uncontroversial comments on yours? If you’re so sure in your beliefs you wouldn’t have to censor other people and ignore what they have to say.

      • Jeff says:

        Facetiously speaking, amen brother. I just discovered your blog and I have already decided to follow you. Thanks for speaking “the word” and letting the ensuing discussions transcend censorship. I look forward to the next topic.

    • Aimer Shama says:

      Intelligence, when measured by maths and memory, is only that. There’s more to the mind and the train of thought and people skills and arts than some 100-200 point survey thinks it says about you.

      And by the way, pointing out your family’s achievements, let alone your fine personal one (I wouldn’t google the man with the highest IQ in the world if I were you… sad story) proves nothing and is a sad, sad defense.

  3. Aimer Shama says:

    Dear Agnophilo,
    I admire your passion and your argumentative skills.
    Let’s expand our small conversation that we had on Wayne’s site here.
    I believe this comment shows you my email. Email me.
    I never pass up an opportunity to learn and make new friends. May we be a mutual source of both.

  4. Dillon says:

    Hey Agnophilo.

    I deleted the post you commented on. After doing some research, I found some things that were kind of questionable. I did not find enough to convince me the video we were talking about was completely faked, but I found enough to make me uncomfortable having it on my own blog. You don’t have to reply to anything else. Thanks man.

    • agnophilo says:

      Thanks, I respect that.

    • agnophilo says:

      To reply to the questions in your other comment (delete the comment if you don’t want it here):

      “I did some research on gene duplication and endogenous retroviruses, but I have to admit both were a little over my head. Perhaps you can explain them in a layman fashion?”

      Basically an ERV (endogenous retrovirus) is a virus that reproduces by injecting it’s genome into it’s host’s DNA so that the host’s cells will copy the virus by mistake. Sometimes a mutation be fatal to the virus (similar to a miscarriage in humans) and sometimes it will be injected into the DNA of a sperm or egg cell or a cell that makes a cell that makes a cell that makes a sperm or egg cell, thus either passing the virus to our offpring or, in the rare case that it’s deactivated/dead, passing a harmless virus genome to our offspring, which will then be broken apart and mutated by subsequent mutations. As a result we have accumulated thousands of viruses in our DNA (around 7% of our genome) from these rare events, and we can compare the viruses in our DNA to the viruses in other species to see if they have the same viruses in the same part of the genome, because the odds of the same virus infecting two species is low, but the odds of the same virus which is fragmented the same way infecting two different species in the exact same part of their DNA is astronomically unlikely, so the only viable explanation is that the virus infected a common ancestor to both species millions of years ago and was inherited by both groups. We’ve found dozens of viruses in common with other primates in the same part of our genome. Does that make sense?

      “Now your statement of “Creationists lie. A lot.” is interesting to me. Basically because you haven’t given any reason why you would think that.”

      Point me to any creationist website and I will find you a dozen lies that have been known to be false for decades. Creationists claim we haven’t found fossils that we found decades (or in some cases over a century) ago, they make up stuff about science all the time. Science is based on testing ideas empirically, evangelism is about converting people to a point of view that is assumed from the start is correct (and which believers are not allowed to question). As a result many evangelists assume anything that conflicts with their worldview is false and anything that seems to support it is true, so the “evidence” on evangelical websites is basically the same chain-letter-esque stuff that’s been going around for decades and has been debunked more times than I can count.

      “You showed a video that featured quote mining, but that isn’t a lie in and of itself.”

      It is by definition a lie, it’s a form of misrepresentation, taking quotes out of context to misrepresent their meaning. How is that not lying?

      “Is lying bad? Why?”

      Yes, generally, though it depends on the situation And because acting on bad information is generally harmful and acting on good information is generally useful. Truth has intrinsic value. Why did you ask me this? Was it the “how can an atheist know right from wrong” argument?

  5. Julia says:

    Enjoyed browsing through your posts! Greetings from a fellow-thinker!

  6. Hehe, high five to the fellow nerd. I’m a proud nerd AND geek! It wasn’t always the case but darn it, I love studying, writing essays, researching and doing it all for fun!

  7. Okay look, there’s too many good posts here to read. I need to get on with other things but hope you’re encouraged that I think you have a great blog with awesome content. The level of deep thought is so refreshing. Oh my goodness, seriously, you don’t know how good it is. It’s for that reason I could read it all day. It’s inspired me to start a blog I’ve been thinking about starting for a while. Love that you’re brave enough to share your thoughts, I just hope I’m brave enough to share mine too. Also, you don’t have a contact page or email, would you consider making one or making your email public so I could ask some questions. Just fascinated by your mind.

    • agnophilo says:

      I don’t know how to make a contact page and I don’t want my email public for spam reasons. I’ve been sent email before, but I have no idea how (I migrated my blog here from xanga and don’t know all the ropes yet). Thank you for the compliments and I’ve got years worth of blogs. I try to only blog when I have something worth saying. As for asking questions if you can’t figure out how to send an email just leave me a comment anywhere and it will pop up in my messages thing.

  8. You, along with a few others, inspired this post: http://junidesiree.com/2013/10/03/thank-you-for-blogging/

  9. ktwop says:

    Thanks for visiting.
    When your move to WordPress is complete do write a post about it and about any problems you had along the way. It would be useful for some of us novices.
    Keep up the diatribes!

  10. lotharson says:

    Hello, this sounds great!

    “Nerd mostly. Not a geek, that’s a whole other species.”
    And what is the difference between a geek and a nerd?
    Could you please enlighten a uncultivated non-English speaking European?
    I always thought these words were synonyms.

    “but I’d be considered liberal in the current political climate”

    I am curious to know who I would be considered in an American context.
    I am a Germanic Frenchman, a progressive agnostic Christian and also a socialist (but according to the following definition http://lotharlorraine.wordpress.com/2013/08/25/271/ ).

    With what words would I be described in the states? 🙂

    So I hope you won’t take offense at something I have written.

    • agnophilo says:

      Oh here half the country would say you’re fine, the other half would think you were a communist, lol. As for nerd/geek, the term geek originally meant the person in a circus side-show who ate raw meat or chewed glass or or bit the heads off of live chickens etc – today it refers to anyone who is strange or socially awkward (think Napoleon Dynamite or someone with mild autism etc). A nerd on the other hand is someone who is basically just interested in things that bore most people, science, philosophy etc. It’s somewhat synonymous with “smart person” and is kind of an insult or a compliment depending on who you ask (especially in the US which has a strong anti-intellectual presence).

      I am always encouraged to meet an agnostic theist, you’re a rare breed : )

  11. Julie says:



    Good nitrates!

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