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patricialbehner = Douchebag, Just FYI.

 What’s with christians blocking me from their sites merely for quoting scripture?  The above xangan did a blog about how great the book of proverbs is and gave a bunch of quotes.  I quoted proverbs 20:30: “The blueness of a … Continue reading

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Trunthebitch (Edit).

I was having a very nice conversation on trunthepaige’s blog (with someone else) about evolution vs creationism, it was far more reasonable than most similar conversations and seemed to actually be moving forward.  Meanwhile trunthepaige was attacking me, namecalling, making … Continue reading

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This Is A First… (Link Added For Pervs)

I apparently got banned again, this time for telling someone on a blog about “squirting” that the discharge contains urine.

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Banned For Commenting On An Anti-Censorship Blog.

Someone replied to my comments on the blog “Honest Discussion Must Include Opposing Views” by lonelywanderer2, and when I went to view the response it wouldn’t let me, but let me once I logged out, and now won’t let me … Continue reading

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Banning people.

If you read my last blog you know the whole banning thing with what’s her name. Like 5 minutes after posting that, trunthepaige, who has several times bragged to me about not banning or censoring people, threatened to ban me … Continue reading

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Message From CelesialTeapot (under his new account).

 He writes:Hi! This is CelestialTeapot! I noticed your entry query. I’m sorry for the confusion with the abrupt site closure. Xanga was becoming too addicting and too involving for me. I found that I was too easily sucked into the … Continue reading

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Anyone Know What Happened To CelestialTeapot?

His xanga has been shut down.  I don’t think he would do it himself, was he phished or banned or what? He’s been gone awhile now, anyone have any information?

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