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Re: Revelife Porn Blog.

I just read a blog on revelife denouncing porn and it started out talking about how christians often think of porn as strictly a moral issue, sex outside of the context of marriage – and how this is wrong because … Continue reading

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I Love The Smell Of Hypocrisy In The Morning.

I did a blog here referring to a mtngirlsouth blog (without giving anyone’s screenname to be polite – I no longer care about that though) where she denounced others of being intolerant of her right to express her hateful views … Continue reading

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Re: “Atheistic Blind Faith Without Any Basis.”

I replied to a blog with the above title, here was my response: Faith is belief without evidence, not skepticism in the face of no evidence.  Someone not accepting the existence of a god (or anything else) because of insufficient … Continue reading

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The Ironic Blog.

(rasmussen/fox news poll about distorting data which adds up to 120%)

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Easter Blog… Of Death!

Was in the grocery store the other day masturbating.  Or buying food, one of the two. Anyway, a dude in front of me was buying a shitload of candy and there wasn’t snow on the ground so I figured either … Continue reading

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This Is A First… (Link Added For Pervs)

I apparently got banned again, this time for telling someone on a blog about “squirting” that the discharge contains urine.

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My evilushun blogs.

If anyone wants. Link The bottom four are especially good, and the bottom one was my first blog on xanga.

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