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About The Global Warming “Fraud” Emails.

Someone was kind enough to bring this to my attention. (disable my playlist above first) Advertisements

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If I Told You Your Atmosphere Absorbs Too Much Solar Heat, Would You Hold It Against Me?

Like every issue which involves an industry that stands to lose a few bucks, the global warming debate is full of nonsense and misinformation.  Is global warming real?  Is it manmade or natural?  Or both?  Does the amount of carbon … Continue reading

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What Carbon Monoxide Actually Does To You (And Why It Doesn’t Matter If Global Warming Is Real).

Carbon Monoxide is produced by combustion of fossil fuels, gas engines, wood fires, coal power plants etc.  When you breathe it in, it bonds with the hemoglobin in your blood, which prevents it from effectively bonding with oxygen to oxygenate … Continue reading

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