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Should I claim my site on

There’s an option in the menu to do this, what is it and is it worth it?

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Why Indoctrination Is Evil, Whatever The Truth About God And Religion Is.

I wrote this as a comment in someone’s blog, and thought it was worth a blog: A child cannot consent to an ideology being shoved on them at a young age for the same reason they cannot consent to sex.  … Continue reading

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Xanga Being Glitchy Or Douchey?

I submitted my blog about why there’s no reason to suppose there’s a god to be featured on xanga, and when I found out you can vote for them (I had no idea, still a xanga noob) I went and … Continue reading

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Post-it Note To A Christian Nation.

Atheists aren’t angry or bitter all the time.  The reason we are seen this way is, I suspect, because usually the only time a theist finds out I’m an atheist is when they beat me over the head with their … Continue reading

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3 Ways Revelife Can Approach Atheists Better.

Don’t delete their blog comments then ban them for calling you out on it. Basic stuff really.

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n. banal: repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse (see: christianity)

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What Partial Birth Abortion Actually Is (And Why Even Pro-Lifers Should Ignore The Controversy)

Let me preface this by saying that while I am pro-choice, I would favor a ban on late-term abortions that are not medically necessary to protect the health of the mother. Partial Birth Abortion is a political term, not a … Continue reading

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On Hitting Your Kids.

If you were spanked as a kid or you spank your kids, don’t worry I’m not trying to call you evildoers or anything.  I’m tackling the subject logically.  My sister’s boyfriend said something the other day about how spanking your … Continue reading

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Why There’s No Reason To Suppose There Is A God.

There are countless volumes that have been written arguing why there just has to be some kind of omnipotent intelligence out there which, like “nargles”, is apparently very good at hiding (my mom and sister are big harry potter fans, … Continue reading

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A Short Conversation Everyone Should Read.

This is an account of a conversation between Hermann Goering (nazi war criminal) and an allied intelligence officer in his cell during the neuremburg trials: We got around to the subject of war again and I said that, contrary to … Continue reading

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