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Questions For The Evolutionist.

Another list of questions that are supposed to stump “evolutionists” in our tracks.  I think I had to use wikipedia to answer like one of them (the one about the chronology of insect and flowering plant evolution), the rest I … Continue reading

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Oh Irony…

“Irreducible Complexity Remains Unrefuted”  The title to a blog I just saw… which had disabled comments so nobody could refute it. The previous blog by the author was entitled “Christianity Is Not For Cowards…” Comments also disabled.  How brave.

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A Debate With An Arrogant Religious Person.

I generally don’t post links to peoples’ blogs or point out bad behavior individually (since I prefer to reason with people, however unreasonable they may be, rather than use strong-arm tactics like humiliation), but I make the exception of doing … Continue reading

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