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Why I Argue.

Sirnickdon asked in a comment to my genesis flood blog: “Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your time, arguing against the least intellectually defensible form of Christianity, which only a minority of its adherents hold to?”Yeah, creationists are a … Continue reading

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13 Reasons Why The Genesis Flood Never Happened.

1) Not enough room on the ark. The bible gives the dimensions of the ark in cubits, but in modern measurements it was 515×86 ft, and 52 feet high, or about 2.3 million cubic feet.  For comparison the empire state … Continue reading

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“Presuppositional” Apologetics.

In a blog about “presuppositional” apologetics a creationist blogger on xanga quoted a book on christian apologetics thusly: “There is no alternative to the Christian view of the will of God as ultimate but the idea of man’s moral consciousness … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me?

Or when america elects it’s first black president and the rallying cry is immediately “give us our country back”, culminating in a whiter than white crowd of some 70-80,000 white people hijacking the anniversary of martin luther king’s “I have … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Being His Sleazy Piece Of Shit Self.

Disable Above Playlist First

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Yet Another Creationist Blog Response.

Responded to the latter part of this blog here: “Fossils there are NO transitory fossils found since Darwin” This is a stunning lie. We not only have found literally thousands of them, but they found transitional fossils darwin specifically predicted … Continue reading

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Another Creationist Blog Response.

I just wrote this in-line response to a creationist blog here: “I just read a blog about how ID (intelligent design) is not science due to the impossibility to prove there is a designer of some kind.”  Science is the … Continue reading

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My Computer Is On Life Support…

But I think it will pull through.  Maybe. I will chronicle my insane journey to the depths of tech support hell, for anyone who might get a kick out of it.  It’s worth a read, it’s almost comical how many … Continue reading

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RE: “Homosexuality Is Unnatural.”

Well lets look at nature, shall we? And of course: Apparently it’s unnatural not to hump anything that moves (and a few things that don’t).

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RE: “It’s Unconstitutional”.

People often argue (and when I say people, I mean conservative republicans) that something is unconstitutional simply because it is not specifically mentioned in the original constitution.  They treat the constitution like scripture dogmatically handed down from the Founding Fathers … Continue reading

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